Sunday, May 24, 2009


New Challenges

Lessons I have learned in this journey called life comes down to just a few things. The what ifs and simple fear. Long ago, I decided to change the dialogue in my head about both. I gave fear a name and it took away it's power. I replaced the what ifs with doing things I have always longed to do. I learned to speak Spanish enough to approach a stranger and start a conversation. After all, if I made a fool out of myself I would never see them again. Well, I did run into them again and there was no place to hide so I tried again. No fear! People are wonderful and will extend a hand if you extend yours. So my new challenge is to learn to speak Chinese and I am approaching it with no fear. Remember naming fear takes away its power. So today, my challenge is not to stay bottled up but to blossom. My garden is in full bloom and inspired the new painting above.