Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Living My Dream

It was a balmy day in Saratoga on June 13Th, the day of my first Gallery Show. Wonderful music performed by some amazing musicians filled the air. Everyone was ready for art. Friends flew in from Southern California and some made the trek from the Bay Area and the Napa Valley. I was living my dream. Strangers and old friends mingled exchanged stories and tales of adventure. Some commented that my art had a Fin De sie'cle feel that felt like a period of new beginnings. I actually paint with movement capturing people that have touched me through my journey. For an artist, having people connect with your work is awe inspiring. Many of my pieces have moved on to other homes and I am touched by the support and grateful that others loved my work. As you can see by the smile on face, (me in the red) I am truly an artist with a purpose. Many Thanks to all of you!

Gallery Reception with my close friend