Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gourd with Secret Code

My first gourd

I think I learned the art of sharing when I was very young. Not that I always wanted to but my parents insisted. One year my two older brothers and I got a wood burning set. I was so excited. I loved the smell of carving into wood and making designs all the while pretending I was creating a secret language or better yet a code. My oldest brother was less enthusiastic and the other one only wanted to burn holes in every thing he could find. No rhythm or rhyme. Some years later during a Sunday trip to Yountville, I came across a gourd at a garage sale for 25 cents. Many of my friends would listen to stories of how someday I would do something with it. Well, a few weeks ago I took a class with this wonderful "Gourdist". The smell brought back those cherised memories of childhood and my brothers. My secret codes, the excitement I felt. I was overcome with joy. Memories I thought are wonderful, hold on tight and don't let go. Here is my first gourd engraved at the top with ancient secret codes and I am sure the meaning is "Happiness"