Thursday, August 12, 2010

Finding Grace

As the only girl in my family, my father seldom made a difference when teaching his children to play sports.  He'd often tell me to shag a ball, run the bases, pitch to your brothers or step into a pitch in order to hit a fast breaking curve ball. I was quite the "Tomboy". When I would retreat to my special place draw, and write poetry about my dreams he would sometimes seem confused.  Why wasn't I outside playing touch football with my brothers. As a adult I continued to enjoy sports, was a distance runner, could swim, throw a football, hit a fast pitch, catch a fly ball and run faster than my brothers.  Things changed recently when I began to enjoy Tai Chi.  There I was,  in perpetual motion - in tune with the universe.  All those years sliding in the dirt and rolling in the grass seemed to lend itself to how well I could balance myself and move.  One early morning surrounded by others who had come to practice these graceful moves, I found myself at last  graceful.  And today as I paint, my images like to show off their charm and flash their past.....they are more than an adornment on canvas but a view of my past and a beginning.