Sunday, April 14, 2013

I have a new website take a

It's those little moments that make me pause and smile. Well, my new website showing off some of my paintings is just one of them. While this is new, I won't forget where I began in this creative journey of mine. If you are so inclined you can see where I started..... Not fancy but it gave me the courage to put myself out there and I have not looked back. My original black and white cards with my family photos are still sold in specialty stores and museum stores and I am so proud.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Excerpts From My Journal (Train Rides into San Francisco)

A few day ago I came account my notes made while commuting into San Francisco to work. Not sure if I had read these thoughts someplace but they became important to me and I reread them often. I have found them so apropos for this moment and for this day. Begin to act boldly, the moment one definitely commits oneself, heaven moves on their behalf! Sometimes we fall asleep get lost or forget that we are such splendid forgivable adorable souls. Choose safe gentle souls who are willing to not criticize, but support you in this state of your artist journey. Share with them-- let them be thrilled with you. Listen and hear what they are saying to you. Do not dismiss their compliments or encouragement. I'm living my life in full color...out to the edges in celebration of my radiant eccentric self. Process of aliveness and discovery. "I wonder if I listen hard enough, could I hear the flowers laughing?" (unknown)