Thursday, November 17, 2016

During my brisk walk with mist falling faintly over my glasses, I thought of the sage words of Grace Lee Boggs, an incredible woman that I admire greatly. "The time has come for us to re-imagine revolution and get beyond protest. We have to think not only about change in our institutions, but changes in ourselves...It's up to us to re-imagine the alternatives and not just protest against them and expect them to do better".

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

There is a wonderful group of people who are part of Love Letters Live who want to keep the hand written letter alive. I am part of that group. Just recently I gave a presentation on letter writing at a local Woman's Group. The power of a hand written letter goes far beyond just saying hello. A letter can make amends, tell someone how important they are to you, say you love them, appreciate them miss them or simple praise. How exciting to see a personal letter arrive in between bills and junk mail. Writing a letter allows you to say something you might not have been able to say in person. I call it a "Just Because" letter. The thought of making someone happy or encouraged speaks through a letter without even uttering a word.
One of my favorite poet/artist is Robin Posyn. Her words of wisdom have been with me for years. I once read about talking lovingly to yourself. Then I asked myself "what makes me feel alive". It's my creative journey. Motivating people to grow, building self esteem. Nudging others to excel. Sharing pearls of wisdom. Using humor. Talking from the soul. Receiving personal mail. Learning other cultures and an uncluttered environment. All of these things enabled me to grow as a person. I was always a closet writer and recently joined a memoirs class which gave me the tools to show my work. I can now say that I am a published writer. Title "Best of Our Memoirs" featuring Louise Webb and her Memoirs Class. Several of my vignettes are included.