Friday, April 7, 2017

Published in The Pen Woman Spring 2017 Magazine

My Poem-"Antique Play" All all exists free- Echoed through the night- Our nightly treat of nasturtiums- A drop of sweetness- Dean knew for sure- My favorite of course was honey sorrel- Grass seeds on your back- Told of many loves- Pull a grass sheath to whistle past dark- Cardboard boxes- A fast slide- Ole Tank Hill was full of speed- Treasures and joy filled an empty cable spool- Let go down Ole Tank Hill- Run like the wind- Sliding down icy redwood walks- The ole Zenith radio blasting country twang- Olympic school opened arms- Stop to chat with Mr. Brown- A janitor was safe- Stacks of hay- Arms stretched making paths- Crawling with play- Found an old steamer trunk- A treasure trove of broken pieces- All all exists free-

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