Thursday, June 29, 2017

Books By Sark

Have any of you read any good quotes or books By Sark that helped your creative journey?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

How hot is today!

I remember crying the blues when it rained everyday for a week, but at least I could dress for it.... Time my moments when I wanted to go out.... Make a choice, move about, but the last few days have stopped me in my tracks. Even my sweet peas that always greeted me with color and a lovely smell- now hang loosely on my trellis wondering why they have been abandoned. Called a friend in the valley about our temperature of 90 and then realized who I was talking to. They quickly reminded me that we are just sissies. So, I can only say, drink lots of water, don't over do any activity, eat small light meals, write over due letters to friends, catch up on all your magazines and move about slowly!

Pen Women on My Mind

A few of my sister Pen Women with the National League of American Pen spent two days at the opening of the San Mateo Fair. Our information table was in the midst of some very talented writers from the Bay Area. Our focus was to get the word out about Pen Women and invite other created women to join our branch. The interest in our group was great. I picked up an attractive button from the Fine Arts Galleria and I cannot stop thinking of the words on it, "Carry The Light". I want to focus on our branch and invite others to learn more about us and perhaps join. Our local website Find out "how to join"